Autumn 2015

Autumn Update 2015

Dear Friends,

The Autumn is my very favorite time of year. With a sigh of relief, the heat gradually lets go of us and the trees show us all their glorious colors before surrendering their leaves. I feel less push than I do in the earlier seasons of the year and start to reflect a little on what I have accomplished so far and what else is to be tackled in order to button things up.

Every year there is change on some level for each person, some years more in the body, others of mind or the spirit; we need to stay strong at all three levels to meet the challenges in our lives. We need to invest in restorative activities and plan our time appropriately to allow spaces and recovery between the intense periods of activity whether at work or play. Its amazing how many things will become so much less of a problem if we take those simple, respectful steps. I’m spending a lot more time at the gym this year, mainly with strength training and elliptical work, but still plenty of yoga which has been my touchstone for 25 years. I keep to a regular meditative practice which has been extremely helpful. Maybe next year I need an adventure I have to train for again…maybe Greece?…maybe mountains?…we’ll see.

Lawrie is doing wonderful work and Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings are staying busy, her work is allowing me more down time and I have been working on my presentations which will hopefully become teaching manuals in future. I am also doing some teaching about Wellness in corporate environments which has been very well received. Let us know if that is something that may benefit you workplace!

The Big News is bittersweet; My wonderful friend and right hand for the past 19 years, Becky Harrison is retiring with a big smile on her face :) At a very young 62 she is ready for the next series of adventures. Becky will finish up at Brit PT and in her private practice here on September 25. We will be having the Brit P Tea party on October 16th, so if you want to come by to hug her goodbye then please do, more details of the open House will follow. Lynne Anderson LMBT will be taking over the Tuesday morning slot at BritPT with me, hand picked by Becky, she is a natural fit with our staff, patients, and mission.

It is a real pleasure to announce that Jill Clarey, Classic Naturopath will be moving in to the BritPT space and opening up her practice here on October 1st. Jill has taken care of me for the past 15 years and we have referred many clients back and forth as many of you will know. She is absolutely passionate in her practice of patient care and it will be wonderful to have her sunny personality in the space!

So there it is, another season update. Give us a call if you need a tune up, don't wait for pain to become constant, remember that pain is a warning sign that things are already under duress.

In Health and Harmony,



Lorraine Kingham PT, MTC, MHSC, CMTPT


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