Summer Update 2014

Summer 2014 Update from BRITPT

Dear Friends, 

The days are the tiniest bit shorter, and it’s cool enough to walk just a little earlier in the evenings. The return to school is right around the corner, and our children are already bemoaning the end of summer. We all have to tighten up our routines as there will be more urgency in getting to places promptly. Some years, that has come as a relief, but I have really enjoyed the change of pace this summer. My travels to Asia, and in particular Bali, were fundamental in shifting me down a couple of gears, and after an initial struggle against this new normal, I now treasure the peace that I am starting to experience more and more frequently. As a direct result of my experiences, in the near future we will be hosting some introductory sessions for meditation and biofeedback for all ages and abilities. I have written about my experiences in Bali and added some pictures which you can see here.

The clinic was run beautifully by the BritPT team in my absence.  I want to thank each member of my talented and loyal staff who exceeded expectations daily. During the three weeks I was away, I received only the simplest of inquiries and a couple of emails encouraging me to enjoy myself. It was better than I could ever have imagined, and I am deeply grateful for the space they gave me to truly be away.

We are moving forward into new possibilities at BritPT with the addition of Margee Shore to our staff. Margee qualified at the top of her class from GTCC's PTA program in January and we snapped her up almost immediately! You may have met Margee in the community already, as she has been teaching both spin and yoga at the Club for some years. She is a runner herself, her husband an avid cyclist, and their daughter a swimmer, so no doubt you have crossed her path at some juncture! We are thrilled to have Margee on board, and are now offering sessions that are more concentrated on specific exercise programs for home use. Through these appointments with Margee, we are offering you a more complete toolbox, remembering that wherever possible, ultimate success is achieved when the patient is independently empowered to participate in the control of their own body’s challenge. At BritPT we deal with many patients who have very complex medical histories, so this is not always possible, and regular maintenance visits may be what is needed for the patient to lead their optimal life. Our goal is always to give you as much control, with the best tool box, that we possibly can. In addition, we have a new service which allows us to send prescribed exercises to you by email, so that you can print them out from a computer, or view them on your smart phone wherever you may be. This option has been enthusiastically received and is included as part of our improved service to you, despite the fact that it virtually eradicates all excuses for non-compliance. Margee will begin taking clients for the focused exercise sessions on Wednesday mornings. She may also be found assisting me on Monday mornings as part of the split sessions.

Our focused yoga classes have been very popular and will continue. We have plans to offer small classes for core strength and balance, as well as others. Let us know if you have any interest or any suggestions. We are here to serve our BritPT Community!

I find that I am spending increasing amounts of time talking to people about Body Type and how it predisposes individuals for specific problems. This may sound complex, but it is actually a simple, but critical fact for patients to learn about themselves. In knowing your individual body type, you can better understand its characteristics, and therefore work with, rather than against, your body throughout your life. If you have thirty minutes to work out four days a week, what are the optimal things you should be doing to invest in your specific body type with your unique history? I find I am working with increasing numbers of younger patients who are vulnerable to the postural stressors of computers, back packs, and the repetitive strain of their chosen sports and other past times. It's exciting to watch these young people take control by changing their habits at home, school, and in the gym, and experience significant relief in their bodies as a result. Beyond that, they can make much better decisions about what to do on an ongoing basis for their healthiest body. Whatever your age, it is not optimal to wait until pain is felt to refresh your understanding of your body. Usually, one proactive session will set you on the right path, with appropriate recommendations for the prevention of future issues.  Brit PT is ready to help diminish your pain and provide resources to assist you in maintaining a pain free existence.

Give us a call at 299-9394 if you need re-evaluation at this time.

We look forward to assisting on your journey further into wellness. 

In Health and Harmony,



Lorraine Kingham PT, MTC, MHSC, CMTPT


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