Spring Update 2015

Summer Update 2015

Dear Friends,

After what seemed like a long winter it’s finally the summer season! All around us there are college students coming home, and school students getting excited about finishing the routines of the school year, lots of late mornings and naps by the pool. Or maybe that is just me.

Get ready for your summer travels! If you need a tune up lets take care of you now. A quick tweak here and there and some pertinent exercise prescription will make the packing, traveling and stays with friends and family go much more smoothly with a little planning and preparation. Give us a call if you need some input.

Brit PT continues with our growth spurt! The feedback on my wonderful team has been fantastic and I am thrilled to report that my wrist is gradually improving. It will be a long road and I am still seeking the perfect balance between work and rest, but we are moving forwards! Please see the website BritPT.com for updates on staff and services. If you have not viewed our video created by Victor Denny of Peerless Imaging  (vmdenny@aim.com), give it a look and let us know your thoughts!

You will all be familiar with Lisa’s voice on the phone system. After 7 years of great service from AACS we will be discontinuing service with them. This is purely a matter of the growth in our company, it makes sense at this point to bring the phone system in house completely. In addition there are more of you making appointments online at BritPT.com, go to appointments and book yourself into a free slot ! We are hoping to increase efficiency in this way and minimize the impact of some crippling phone issues that have persisted for some months this year.

As always we are here to support your best health and wellness, so don’t wait until you are in real pain.

In Health and Harmony,



Lorraine Kingham PT, MTC, MHSC, CMTPT


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