Winter Update 2014

Winter 2014 Update from BRITPT

Dear Friends, 

Happy "Slightly Used" New Year!  I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Holiday season and that you are moving forward with energy and excitement into 2015. I am back fresh and filled up by a wonderful time in England. Many of us set grand new intentions with the onset of a new year; if you are looking for inspiration, we have great advice, energy, and enthusiasm for making movement and health part of your lifestyle moving forwards! 

We certainly are here at BritPT. I can hardly believe the rate of change in our growing business. This time last year we did not have a single Physical Therapy Assistant to our name, and now here with two! You will be familiar by now with the wonderful Margee Shore PTA RYT, but now we also have the fabulous Sheila Wentzel PTA RYT on board. What this means is that we can take care of more of your problems and that we will be able to (finally !!) expand our hours of service for your convenience. This has been a dream of mine for some years and a big part of my master plan. We could not have come this far if it were not for my trusty team. Becky Harrison LMBT, HP Fields LMBT, with help from Pete Tarpey LMBT, Amanda Rutledge LMBT, and Lynn Anderson LMBT. In the past we have also had help from such local stars as Cristina Noyola, Lori Roberts, and Beth Almon. I am most grateful also to the ladies who run the Front of House with such speed, efficiency, and compassion: Dianne Catterall and Carolyn Tribble. Who knows what would happen around here without you both. I prefer not to think about it. Lastly, Miranda Martin PT CMTPT and Mary Kay Hannah PT are responsible for my being able to get out into the world for travel and restoration this year, relaxed in the knowledge that they were taking excellent care of my patients needs. Many, many thanks to you all!

This week we had an exciting development: we took delivery of the video that had been created for us by Victor Denny at Peerless Imaging! (You can watch the video at the top of this page or click here to view on YouTube.)  I know that it can be hard to explain to your family and friends whether they are are curious about what you are doing at Brit PT and why it is so different, or you may know others in pain who are looking for solutions.We hope that the link will be easy for you to pass on and illustrate things for you.

I will send a clinical update shortly, but just wanted to share all the great news and gratitude.

Enjoy this beautiful day to the fullest!

In Health and Harmony,



Lorraine Kingham PT, MTC, MHSC, CMTPT


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